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Author and health advocate, Louise Elliott, tours with wildly successful Children’s Nutrition Show.

Little girl holding a lollypop with different expressions and emotions. Have you ever seen your little sugar turn into a sugar-craving gremlin?

Every day parents battle the influence that junk food media imposes upon their precious families, turning their sweet offspring into junk food junkies – ones repulsed by good fruit and vegetables!

However, the battle for nourishment may be over as Health Educator and Author of The Superfruit Juice Book, Louise Elliott, tours with her nutrition show, which motivates kids to embrace a diet full of fruit and vegetables, and also resist the lures of junk food.

‘Junk food marketers are predators of young peoples greatest attributes,’ explains Louise. ‘They know little children have vivid imaginations, strong morals and are highly impressionable, and so they gear their marketing efforts to exploiting these vulnerabilities. I offer a nutrition show that engages the same qualities in children, but I employ them in a healthy and positive light.’

Such is the power of The Amazing Army Kids Nutrition Show, which is touring South East Queensland in 2016. In a vivid tale of good against evil, Louise captivates children with the story of the Amazing Army who live inside everyone’s body. Captain Immune leads the Army’s battle against the Bad Bugs of illness. The story explains how The Amazing Army’s powerful energy comes from the colourful fruit and vegetables delivered by Major Energy, but is weakened by the sweets and treats of junk food temptress, Sneaky Sweetie.

New GC Bulletin image Louise highlights that most parents already know that fruit and vegetables keep growing bodies and immune systems strong. And there is enough education in the media to help them understand that sugary, processed foods compromise their child’s immunity and contribute to conditions like obesity and ADHD. More often than not it’s the battle of wills with their children that brings parents’ efforts for healthy mealtimes unstuck.

‘I developed this show to cut parents a break,’ says Louise. ‘As a mother, I know too well how draining it is persuading your child to eat well when they are bombarded with manipulative advertising and peer pressure; especially the older they get.’

‘However, if my show can create in children willing attitudes and appetites eager for fruit and vegetables, then parents’ jobs of raising healthier families will be a breeze. We all need that break!’

In the fashion of TV’s Playschool, the workshop is designed for four- to seven-year-olds. The children dress up as the story characters, sing the character songs, and in conclusion feast on fruit and vegetables. ‘I find school teachers and parents are amazed at how the most unwilling child gets caught up in the show’s excitement and eats fruit and vegetables that they would ordinarily never touch.’

As a take-home after the show, Louise has designed a Healthy Eating Goal Chart, along with an Award for its completion. ‘In order for children to solidly form healthy eating habits they require daily encouragement and reinforcement from their parents. The show’s Goal Chart is an important element in forming these habits; as we all know, repetition is the key to forming habits.’ The Amazing Army book_27KB

Louise is the published author of The Superfruit Juice Book and has been an Editor and regular contributor various health and children’s magazines. Louise has toured with her young children’s nutrition show for 11 years, and her book ‘The Amazing Army’ is soon to be dramatised on DVD and released as a narrated eBook.

For more information on ‘The Amazing Army’ Kid’s Nutrition Show, please contact Louise Elliott on 0403 493 076 or email or visit



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Louise is a published author, presenter and creator of the imaginative children's nutrition education 'The Amazing Army'. Louise assists families get healthy through fun, family bonding and choices, and loves to keep fit, healthy and laugh :-)

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