“Thank you so much and WOW what an impact your show had on our Year 2 children. I think the real proof of the impact of your show was evident during our three-way parent conferences: the parents were aware of the show and all the characters.  They reported that their children were actively trying foods of all colours and could tell them the purpose of eating that food.  Many children have been to birthday parties and reported to Mum or Dad that “Sneaky Sweetie” was whispering in their ear and they needed to choose healthier foods.  Others have expressed their concern that there were some “Bad Bugs” in their tummy and they needed to eat some healthy food to make them better.  So, as you can see, you have made an impact on many of the children, and the parents truly appreciate the raised awareness of their children in regards to healthy eating. ”

Roslyn Sullivan Year 2 Team Leader, Teacher, John Paul College, Brisbane QLD